Although we are not Slovakia’s largest construction contractor, the results of our work affect the everyday life of many of us. Despite the fact that you rarely see our advertisements in the media, many of the projects we have implemented can be read about in all relevant periodicals, and our reputation within professional circles is that our brand-name is ‘the’ construction company.

For twentyfive years we have focused on building construction and our projects clearly show that we are a highly specialized building construction company. We provide our customers with professional and comprehensive services with a high degree of flexibility. We always respond to specific requirements in such a manner that our building projects traditionally end with a joint celebration of a successful completion.

With headquarters in Bratislava, and a regional branch in Banská Bystrica, we are always close to any customer and able to effectively cover the entire country. Our company comprises a team of people who value fair cooperation, partnership, others’ opinions, and who have gusto for moving the quality and standard of the Slovak construction industry forever forward.

We not only feel a responsibility for the creation of new entities that are expected to endure for decades, but also for breathing new life into structures that were built by someone else and that have already served for many decades, or even centuries.

We are ready to take your future building project in our hands and will be pleased to let you watch as we turn your ideas into reality.