Traditionally, designing and building construction are delivered by separate entities. When traditional method is used, construction stages strictly follow one after another. In contrast, design-build method allows client to contract for design and construction services with a single “design-build entity”. Responsibility for delivery of planning and construction documentation, obtaining necessary permissions and approvals from authorities, constructing, managing final inspection and issuing of completion certificate lay with one company. Design-build delivery method can also improve quality and will reduce costs and risk to the client. In addition, it will significantly shorten the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases of a project.

We are an established and successful construction company with an impressive track record, commitment to quality and customer service. We have enough resources to take on the entire burden of your project, preparing designs, managing cost information and construction with a single team. Our design-build project portfolio covers a wide range of structures, including logistic warehousing, industrial, corporate buildings and buildings for sports. We deliver quality buildings on time and on budget. We offer you a hassle free experience making sure that you participate in the project as little or as much as you want to.

Selected reference projects:

PONGRATZ Production Facility, Modra
SF Production Facility, Malacky

BURGMAIER Production Facility, Banska Bystrica
Slovak Telecom Building on Jarabinkova Street, Bratislava